Are Cedar Shakes The Right Choice For Your Home?

With so many different types of products in the roofing and siding market, making an informed choice among them becomes critical. Cedar shakes and shingles have been around for hundreds of years, but the quality and performance achieved through continual improvements in production and treatment might surprise you. Wood is the first choice for those who values its combination of traditional appearance and modern performance. It is ideal for the remodeler who wants to maintain the visual integrity of historic homes, homeowners in new developments that increasingly impose appearance standards, and builders and architects serving increasingly environmentally conscious customers.

The benefits of using cedar: 
• Renewable resource
• Withstands 245mph wind speed
• High insulation value, low energy cost
• Highly resilient in earthquakes
• Withstands pounding hailstorms
• Aesthetically pleasing – lasting value
• Pressure – impregnated fire retardant lasts a lifetime
• Pressure – impregnated preservative treatment guards against decay
• Protects the environment – Envirosmart®

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